The Next Field
The Next Field

Our services exist to help you... to improve the environment, to support local communities, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of green space related businesses

We've organised our work into three areas to help you find what you need quickly and easily.


To illustrate what we do and how we approach things, in each area you'll find case studies to introduce some of our services.

Or check out our cross-cutting services below, and if you don't see what you need drop us a line or call 07500 046816 – we're always happy to talk.



The Extended Team

Why not make THE NEXT FIELD part of your team, you can grow your capacity and enjoy...

Maybe you need to plug a temporary service gap or develop a new aspect of the business?

Perhaps you need short term interim management support, or help to develop a new system, prepare a funding bid, or produce next year's service plan?

With THE NEXT FIELD as an extended part of your team, you can have the extra capacity and enjoy complete flexibility. We can be employed via a 'framework' style contract and brought in on a 'call off' basis – as and when you choose.

In addition to the expertise within the company, our partners and freelance Associates provide additional skills and experience in ecology, garden history, arboriculture, forestry, grounds maintenance and horticulture, play, events, IT, marketing and social media, education and interpretation - to create an impressive extended team

If you would like to know more about how this new partnership style of contract work, please get in touch to discuss your needs. We also provide additional benefits to those who sign up early as a 'pilot authority' for the new programme which will be starting in 2012.

Project Management

Add to your team with PRINCE2 Practitioner Peter Wilkinson. Supporting development, management or review of a green space related project when maybe you have the funding but don't have the person power.

Research and Evaluation

Specialists like THE NEXT FIELD make a real difference within the green space sector. Why not invite us to be your partner in local, national or even overseas research and evaluation projects and benefit from our experience.

THE NEXT FIELD is your customer friendly, collaborative and flexible business partner.