The Next Field
The Next Field

Under society we offer following services:

Communities on top
– Working with local communities, local authorities and voluntary groups to develop green space projects with active community engagement.

The honest broker
– Helping to build partnerships and develop collaboration between people and communities from different sectors, through project management, coordination or facilitation.

Parks for health
– Working with public health, green space and local community representatives to develop the (NHS) "Natural Health Service" locally.

Creative solutions
– Working with artists and harnessing other creative energy to bring fun, challenge and life to green space projects in ways that conventional approaches often miss.

Equalities impact assessment
– Supporting engagement with equalities groups to ensure compliance with legislation, but more importantly inclusive and accessible green space services.

case studies


Project: Boscombe Crescent community workshop
Date: December 2010
Client: Bournemouth Council (funded by CABE Space)
Scope: Plan and deliver a workshop to help local people and other stakeholders move towards a consensus over the future improvements to the Crescent, plus the establishment of a Friends Group for the site.
Team: THE NEXT FIELD – Peter Wilkinson
Outcomes: Workshop held and report completed for client, for further discussion at first meeting of the group in January.

Project: North Somerset green infrastructure strategy equalities impact assessment
Date: August 2010
Client: North Somerset Council – Streets and Open Spaces
Scope: Designing methodology to meet the needs of the project, undertaking interviews with representatives of key equalities groups, producing report and action plan with recommendations.
Team: Collaboration led by JPC Strategic Planning and Leisure Ltd.
Outcomes: Report with recommendations and action plan welcomed by client to help guide future engagement and prioritisation of areas on which to focus in delivering the GI strategy.

Project: Play pathfinder
Date: 2008 – 2010
Client:Project delivered when Peter Wilkinson was working for Bristol City Council. Role in project – Play Pathfinder Board (Senior User)
Scope: £4m capital programme covering 30 play spaces, supported by play development and engagement programme.
Team: Programme team comprising Bristol City Council Parks and Youth and Play teams, plus consultants and community organisations.
Outcomes: 30 play spaces remodelled and improved to fulfil the City Council's commitment to encourage children to play outdoors. The new, creative designs reflect children and young people's own ideas and feature play facilities incorporated into natural landscaping.

Project:Bristol parks forum
Date: 2003 – 2010
Client: Initiative was developed when Peter Wilkinson was working for Bristol City Council. Role was as Parks Service Manager.
Scope: Developing an independant city-wide forum of parks and green space related local groups plus relevant city organisations.
Team: City Council parks officers
Outcomes: Forum has become a powerful network and political force to promote the interests of both park users and city parks service – forging strong connections between groups as well as between local parks communities and the local authority.

Project: Health walks
Date: 2000 – 2005
Client: Project was delivered when Peter Wilkinson was working for Bristol City Council. Role was as programme lead officer in parks.
Scope: City-wide initiative to promote walking for health, supported by a partnership between the City Council, Health Service and local community organizations. Largest UK initiative funded by Countryside Agency with national lottery funding.
Team: City Council core team plus staff from PCT's and community partners.
Outcomes: Significant growth in activity levels within target deprived communities during the life of the lottery funded programme, leading to a number of groups subsequently being sustained and new activity programmes developing. Project is now mainstreamed within City Council sports services.

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